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Capacity: Balcony & Main Floor – 1410
Stage Dimensions: 55’ wide x 30’ deep x 4’ tall
Sound Specs: Roseland Theater Audio Specs 
Sound Wings: 8’ wide x 10’ deep x 4’ tall; stage left and stage right Roseland Theater Audio Specs 
Power: 1) 400 amps 3 phase 208 volt switches 2) 200 amps 3 phase 208 volt switches 3) 100 amps 3 phase 208 volt switches
Power Location: Upstage right approximately 20’ off stage
Lights: Avolites Pearl 2008 console, (12) Highbeam Technobeam scans, (6) Martin Mac 250 Entours, (2) Martin 3000 strobes w/ color scrollers, Martin Jem DMXZR24/7 hazer, 96 channel 2.4k dimmers, (120) 1K par 64, (14) Lekos, 8-Lite Blinders, and more!
Rigging: Fixed Beams above false ceiling. Currently there are six 1000lb points.
Elevator: 4’ wide x 10’ deep x 8’ tall freight elevator & 6.5’ wide x 4’ deep x 8’ tall passenger elevator
Production Office: The Touring production office is off stage right down one flight of stairs. It is 15’ wide by 13’ deep and is equipped with tables, chairs, AC, Lights, a dedicated phone line, and WIFI.
Production Phone: The dedicated phone number is 503.226.9193
Parking: The Roseland has a 100’ deep by 65’ wide parking lot with exclusive use on weekends and evenings.
Dressing Rooms: Dressing rooms are located off stage right down two flights of stairs. Main Room: 34’ x 28’ 1st Private Room: 20’ x 13’. 2nd Private Room: 17’ x 13’. All three rooms have couches, tables, lamps for a living room feel.
Restrooms: Restrooms are located on the dressing room floor.
Showers: There are two shower stalls on the dressing room floor.
Laundry: There is a washer and dryer available for use on the dressing room floor.
Main Stage Dimensions: Roseland_Main Stage Dimensions
Main Floor Dimensions: Roseland_Main Floor Dimensions
Main Floor Seating Chart: Roseland_Main Floor Seating Chart
Main Floor Cabaret Seating: Roseland_Main Floor Cabaret Seating
Main Floor Lighting Chart: Roseland_Lighting Chart Roseland_2.5 Patch See Lighting Setup Example 1 See Lighting Setup Example 2
Balcony Seating Chart: Roseland Balcony_Seating_
3D Performance Area: Roseland_3D Performance Area
Bus/Truck Parking Layout Roseland_Bus &Truck_parking


Capacity: 400
Stage Dimensions: 20′ wide x 16′ deep x 4′ tall
Sound System  Midas M32 Digital Mixing Console. Tablet mixing capable with installed wifi router. (4) Bag End Passive Wedge Monitors, (1) 3 way, bi-amped drum fill, w/1- 18″, w/ passive 1-15″, and 1-2″. See Main Room Specs for mic selection. Eastern Acoustics Works (EAW) (4) KF850, (4) SB850, Dolby Lake LP4D12 system processor. 2 Stacks Per side. XTA analog graphic, inline for FOH.32” snake, with split outputs available at Snake head, off stage right, Multiple stage drop snakes, and power drops.
Video Screen  10′ x 14′ comes down from the ceiling (please note that this takes about 3′ of stage depth)
Power: 1) 100 amps 3 phase 208 volt switches 2) Dedicated. No Access
Power Location: Upstage right
Lights: 24 par cans; 4 leko’s; 16 channel console, 2 scene console
Parking:  The Roseland has a 100′ x 65′ wide parking lot with exclusive use on weekends and evenings
Load In:  Load in through parking lot
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